Battle Of Bannockburn

At the start of term 3 Primary 5 visited the new Battle of Bannockburn Visitor Centre. Here’s what the children thought of their day.

“When we got off the bus we were excitedly welcomed into a large workshop full of different armour and weaponry. Very soon we had learned all about the events running up to the battle and we were ready to go outside and see where Robert the Bruce himself stood.”

“Outside we saw where the different sides camped overnight between day 1 and 2 of the great battle. We learned how to form a schiltron which is an army strategy that includes three rows of infantry soldiers all pointing long spears in different directions. This formation was key to RObert the Bruce’s army’s success.”

“I learned that Robert the Bruce was a murderer and he killed John Comyn in a church so that he could become king of Scotland.”

“Robert the Bruce had half the number of soldiers than King Edward of England. Robert had 9,500 men and Edward had 20,000 men.

“I learned about the three different types of soldiers in Robert’s army. There were knights, known as cavalry, archers and infantry soldiers. I learned that the chainmail they wore was very heavy!”

“I learned that the battle lasted 2 days and they were fighting over Stirling Castle. The Scottish won the battle and the English King and Queen escaped back to England on a boat from Dunbar.”

“Robert the Bruce won so he got Stirling Castle.”

“My favourite part was when we were dressing up.”

“My favourite part was when we got to see a 3D interactive battle becasue when we were in the middle of it, it was epic!”

“My favourite part of the visit was when we recreated the battle becasue I could listen to other people’s ideas on what I should do before I decided.”

Contributions from Anna, FInlay, David, Leah, Naba, Flynn, Kaitlin, Nicola A, Aiden and Erin R