Nursery News

Activities based on number will continue throughout the term. Additionally the children will be learning about money through play and real-life shopping activities. They had great fun – and lots of tasty treats – when they visited the Baker’s Bunch shop just round the corner! The children have written shopping lists and visited local shops to buy food for snack and then prepare it back in school. This will lead on to learning about fractions when the children have to share pizza or cake equally at snack  time.

Singing a variety of songs and nursery rhymes continues to be very important, and if appropriate, the children will begin to learn about single sounds through various play activities. There will be daily opportunities to listen to a range of stories and we will be visiting the library to collect our Reading Rainbows packs.

We are looking forward to our trip to the theatre, “Wee Dance, We Groove” which is part of the Imaginate Festival.