plant investigation 2

Check out what we’ve been up to in Primary 7!

We are very excited to start a new term in P7. With this new term comes new a topic, artwork and projects.

In Science in Term 1, we spent some time exploring the life cycle of plants and how they reproduce. We also discussed what elements a plant needs to grow. We talked about the benefits and risks of using biological or chemical fertilisers in plants or crops that we eat.

We used these discussions to ask ourselves a question: what is the effect of biological fertiliser on a household plant?

We decided to test out our question to find out. Over several weeks, we watered three different plants with the same type of bean planted: one with water, one with water mixed with the recommended amount of fertiliser and one with water mixed with way too much fertiliser.

Our results varied slightly but overall, the plant with the recommended amount of fertiliser thrived while the one with way too much fertiliser dried out and died.

We displayed our results on a poster so they were easy to understand.

Plant investigation 1plant investigation 2

plant investigation 3

making plant posters

Plant posters

The results are displayed

Check out this BBC Science page to get an idea of what we’ll be learning about this term.        The Earth’s Changing Structure!