Primary 1 News


Primary 1 continue to work hard on their knowledge of phonics. We are moving on to some trickier consonant blends and vowel digraphs. Our Word – a – pillar is helping us practise writing our tricky words.

On a Monday we have our Wordboost story and on Tuesday we fine out what our boost words are. Throughout the week, we try to use them when we are talking and listen out for them when other people are talking.


We have been learning about time. We do the calendar every day and link the months to the seasons of the year. We have a days of the week song, a weather song and a months of the year song!

We have begun to learn about analogue and digital clocks. We can label the different parts of an analogue clock and will soon be learning to tell the time on both and analogue and digital clock.

We do number work every day! We are working on various different things at the moment. Some of the things we are learning about at the moment are addition (screened and unscreened), finger patterns, double facts, double facts plus 1, equal shares, equal sets and number in sequence.


In Science, we are learning about Materials. We have been thinking about what materials are good for using for particular things. We will be investigating different materials for building with like The Three Little Pigs!