P6 Class Elections!

Primary 6 have been working extremely hard over the last few weeks organising their very own class election. The class were split into 4 political parties which they named; The Funky Bunch Party, The Funky Monkey Party, The Scottish Game Party & The Scottish Camper Party. Leaders were voted in and each group decided on a school issue that they wanted to campaign for. They then worked tirelessly together to create a manifesto, a party election broadcast advert and an election speech.The parties campaigned in front of the Primary 5 and Primary 7 classes and then today we had our election!

Our super Polling Clerks welcomed the P5 and P7 classes into the class ‘Polling Station’, ticked their names off the Electoral Register and then handed them their ballot before showing them to the voting booth to cast their votes. Once all of the votes had been cast using the Proportional Representation system, our clerks carefully counted the ballots to reveal that The Funky Bunch Party were the winners!!! They were campaigning to introduce a Healthy Tuck-Shop to the school which was obviously a very popular idea with the upper school!
Well done Primary 6 for all of your hard work this term!!!