Daily Archives: 5 May, 2016

Nursery News

We have been watching our Painted Lady caterpillars grow. Just a few days ago they were tiny eggs. The caterpillars have grown very quickly and now they are making cocoons. We will carefully put them into a tank with sugar syrup and orange slices and hopefully they will turn into beautiful butterflies.

We have also launched our Bedtime Stories programme with the morning children. We have lots of beautiful new picture books which can be borrowed each day. Bedtime is a really special time for parents to share a book with a child. It’s a chance for some quiet time together and will help the child develop the skills they need to be able to read independently.

nursery caterpillars IMG_0585


Primary 2 Science

In science we have been investigating our 5 senses.  We have looked at each sense and imagined what it would be like to live without it.  We investigated the sense of taste and sight through experimenting with different fruits.  In pairs we took turns to be blindfolded and see if we could identify the fruit purely through tasting it.  Some of us found it quite tricky to tell which fruit it was but we found we could use our other senses to help for example the texture and smell of the fruit helped to give us clues.