Primary 6: M&M Productions Stage Craft Workshop

This week we were lucky enough to take part in a Stage Craft Workshop with M&M productions after watching their fabulous new show, ‘A Twist In Time’.

The workshop started with us  meeting the whole cast of the show- we were really surprised to find that the actors were nothing like the characters they played in the show! They discussed different aspects of characterisation with us such as character costume, tone of voice as well as accents.

We then learned about how the different sets were made and how they were able to be changed so quickly. We were interested to see that the set was painted with a mixture of paint and glue so that the canvas material would harden and so the detail would last for longer.

Our favourite part of the workshop was the special effects and technical masterclass. We first of all were shown how the actors created a fire effect during the show with pyrotechnics and then we were allowed to meet ‘R2D2’, the M&M productions sound and light machine. Some pupils in the class were naturals at mixing the lights to create different effects!

We had a fantastic afternoon and can’t wait until the next show!