Vikings in a spin with onion skin!

In Social Studies Primary 3 have been learning about Vikings. We have looked where Vikings came from and which countries they travelled to. We acted out different jobs they would have in and around their homes like trappers, farmers, fisherman and weavers. We thought about how they would have made their clothes without all the machinery that is used in the modern day clothing industry.
We explored the fleece of a sheep; it felt oily and sticky and it had a smell of soap. We now understand there are lots of different stages in processing woollen fabric.

The shepherd breeds and shears the sheep.

The fleece is spun on a bobbin.

The weaver weaves the wool on a loom.

The fabric is sewn into clothing.

Vikings used plants to dye the wool different colours. We experimented in dying sheep’s fleece using onion skins and red cabbage. We are going to leave it for a few days to allow the dye to soak in. So if you see a P3 pupil, ask if our wool dying was successful. Next week we are looking forward to a Viking Day Out at the National Museum of Scotland.

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