Additional Home Learning Activities for All Ages

Below you will find links to additional activities for children- and adults- of all ages!

Reading (and Listening) for Enjoyment

1. Join a City of Edinburgh library! You can do this online. They have lots of ebooks for children you can enjoy together.

2. Audible (audio books) is now free for children for as long as the schools are closed.

3. David Walliams will be reading one of his stories at 11am every morning for the next 30 days. You can catch up at

Modern Languages

1. Use this for interesting ways to practise either French or Italian. If you speak other languages you can use it for those too!

Being Creative

Try out some of these Art activities.

Or if you have some Lego at home try out these design challenges.

Join Fischy Music for their assembly at 11am on a Monday or catch up by searching YouTube for Fishcy Music Assembly. You’ll know lots of the songs and actions and might even learn some new ones! Here is Week 1.

Pick and Mix

Below are some mixed activities. To make the choice more exciting, why not roll a dice (this could be done once or twice to make tens and units of a bigger number).

Follow the link below to download activity workbooks from TTS. There are three versions for different age groups and they contain a mixture of independent and collaborative activities.