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Rainforest shelter building

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P5 are undertaking an Art and Design topic about building a rainforest shelter.  Edinburgh’s Outdoor Education specialist, Mr Andrew Bagnall, visited P5 today today to tell them about his adventures in various rainforests and the types of shelters he stayed in.  Next week the children will discuss the properties of these shelters and design a rainforest shelter of their own.

P2 Drawing Lessons

The weather is beginning to change and so is the clothing we wear to school!  Primary 2 are starting to think about the Autumn weather and how it is colder when we come to school in the morning.  Soon we might have to think about digging out our gloves from a drawer!

In Art, Primary 2 looked carefully at some gloves and the patterns on them.


The children then designed their own gloves using line patterns.  We used words like ‘delicate’ and  ‘intricate’ when we looked at everybody’s work at the end.  Here are some examples of our gloves for you to look at.



Farmer Pete visits Primary 3

Primary 3’s new topic is ‘Food and Farming’.  The children have been learning about produce that comes from Scotland and appreciating the wide variety of foods that come from our country.

As part of our topic, we will soon be visiting a real life beef cattle and sheep farm in the Borders.  To prepare for our visit, the Farmer (Farmer Pete) and his assistant Mary came to our classroom today.  He told us all about his farm and we asked him questions that we prepared at the beginning of our topic.  We learned that his farm is 800 acres!  We also learned that he had just delivered a calf that morning and that cows have four stomachs!  He told us that we would see a blue and white cow when we visit….. we can’t wait!

Photo 3

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Primary 3 Science Show

The Generation Science company visited Primary 3 on Monday.  They taught Primary 3 all about magnets.  Here are some photos that show everyone having fun learning about magnets.

IMG_0664This is a photo of the Science presenters intoducing themselves.IMG_0671Primary 3 sorted a tray of objects into magnetic and non-magnetic categories.IMG_0679We learned about attraction and repulsion in relation to magnets.IMG_0682We learned how to make magnets ‘float’.  It was just like magic!IMG_0689We used bar magnets to learn about magnetic fields and learned that even the earth has a magnetic field.IMG_0695

P1 Science Topic – Materials

P1 have been investigating the properties of different materials by building houses for the three little pigs. Look at the houses that they built! The pupils agreed that bricks were the best material to build the house with. They were strong and flat. The straw was too spikey and thin and the sticks didn’t stick together very well.   



P3 Writing

P3 have been learning a traditional playground game – Hopscotch!  They learned to play with a partner and then wrote down the instructions to teach P5 during their BIG WRITING lesson.  Now lots of children can play this game outdoors in the Spring sunshine!

P1 News

Literacy – P1 have been learning to build words with bl, cl and pl blends.

Maths – P1 have been learning to tell the time.  The children can read o’clock times on analogue clocks and digital clocks.  The children have been spotting digital clocks all around them!

Social Studies – The new topic in P1 is ‘People Who Help Us’.  The children will be learning more about the jobs that adults do in the school and the community.  The children will also be discussing and thinking about families and how they are the same and how they are different.