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Lauriston Castle

On Tuesday we visited Lauriston Castle.  We were invited by a friendly Dragon who needed our help.  Sir Nasty McKnight had cast a spell that made Dragon’s castle disappear and he had been hiding at Laurston Castle ever since.  We had to find clues to help make Dragon a new castle and a spell to stop Sir Nasty McKnight from casting any other spells!  Luckily we managed to do this and Dragon flew away to Fairyland.  Although we didn’t get to meet him, we did hear him snore because our guides, Mike and Erik, told us Dragon liked to sleep lots during the day. Once the spell was cast, Dragon zoomed through the sky, safely back to Fairyland.  Some children thought they spotted his black tail as he flew away! 

Library books

We are so lucky to have our new library books in class! Today we had some time to choose a book to read by ourselves.  The classroom was very quiet while we carefully read our new books!

Author Visit

Today Lari Don visited our class. She is a Scottish author. She read one of her stories.  It was called The secret of the Kelpie. We found out that Kelpies are mythical creatures that like to snack on children! They disguise themselves as beautiful horses and as soon as you climb on you get stuck to their skin and they drag you out to the water to kill you! Lari likes her stories to have a happy ending so although it was a bit frightening, all the children were safe in the end!

The Botanic Gardens

We had a fabulous visit to the Botanics on Wednesday 24th May.  We were learning about how living things survive.  Here is a sneak peek. Come along to the Primary 2 Showcase next week to find out more!


We have just started a new Science topic.  It is all about senses.  We went for a senses walk to see what we could see, hear, smell or feel.  We didn’t taste anything though! I wonder if you can guess what or who made the loudest noise outside?

We then did an experiment to try to drop a coin into a cup using only one eye.  We soon discovered that two eyes are definitely better than one but it also helped us think about people with visual impairments.
We are looking forward to more experiments to help us understand our Senses.

On Burn’s Day we had some special visitors to school.  They were from a company called ‘it’s in the bag!’ They told us a brilliant story all about Rosie and Sam.  They were going to visit their Granny and Grandad in the Outer Hedrides.  They travelled lots of different ways. When they arrived they had to find the lost haggis! It was brown, ran round and around and had three legs! We had a great time helping Laura and Lorraine tell the story and singing lots of lovely songs too. We finished our session by singing Auld Lang Syne. What a braw time we had!