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Class of 2018

We are all sad to say goodbye to our amazing Primary 7 class today but we know they will be fantastic in high school! Good luck in your new schools and on your new adventures!

Enjoy S1!

class photo

Day 3 at Ardentinny

There were a lot of tired faces at breakfast this morning after our first full day of activities yesterday.   No time to rest though as all groups were out early to get going with today’s activities.

Walking through the forest, the children had to work as a team to build a shelter. First of all they had to decide on the best place for building their shelter. They then had to find large branches to create a roof in their shelter. This stage required lots of teamwork to carry them as they were so heavy! Once there were enough large branches it was time to find smaller twigs and moss to place on top and seal the roof. The children communicated well and make a shelter to be proud of!

On the way back to the centre we walked along the beach where the children were finding lots of interesting stones and shells. We were especially hoping to fivnd some beautiful pearls inside the shells!

The children are all definitely ready for their warm bowl of soup to heat them up at lunch time!


Gorge Walks at Camp

Day 2 at camp and most groups braved the freezing cold gorge.  We climbed our way up the waterfalls and took a dip in the plunge pool!  We worked well with our groups and encouraged each other to keep going.  For most it was the favourite activity of the day…the highlight was definitely the warm shower afterwards though!!

Marvellous Medicine

Miss Alonzi’s Literacy group have been reading George’s Marvellous Medicine.  We decided to make a medicine of our own using lots of declicious incredients!  We used snail slime (jelly), shaving cream (whipped cream), mud (nutella), brains (raspberries), fish eyes (blueberries), earwax (banana) and cotton wool (marshmallows).

We then tried our marvellous creations which were surprisingly tasty!

In George’s Marvellous Medicine, Grandma grew very tall when she had the medicine.  After writing up the recipe for the medicine, we drew pictures of what would happen to anyone that ate our medicines.  Some of the side effects included turning into a rainbow banana, becoming a talking dog, turning green, start breathing fire and turning blue!

Pizza Party

Last term, Primary 5 worked very hard to win Class of the Term. As their treat we had a pizza party! The children learnt how to make pizzas, picked their toppings and then got to eat their delicious pizzas. The fun afternoon was finished off by a tasty ice cream. You will be able to see from our pictures how much fun we had making (and eating) our pizzas!


French Breakfast

In French, Primary 5 have been learning French food vocabulary. To practice what we have learning we had a French breakfast where the children had to ask for their food using the French vocabulary they have learnt.  We had a lovely time showing off our amazing accents and enjoying the delicious food!