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P4 Farm to Fork Visit

Today, Primary 4 received a visit from a Tesco ‘Farm to Fork’ trail representatives as part of their healthy eating topic. They were tested on their knowledge of different fruits and vegetables and were shocked to learn that tomatoes and cucumbers are actually classed as fruits and not vegetables!

P4 were then involved in helping to make their own ‘rainbow salad’ wrap using a variety of colourful, healthy foods. Some children were feeling adventurous and tried ingredients for the first time like spinach & cress, much to their enjoyment!

The children loved being able to make and then try their own food, especially knowing how healthy their creations were.


Primary 6: M&M Productions Stage Craft Workshop

This week we were lucky enough to take part in a Stage Craft Workshop with M&M productions after watching their fabulous new show, ‘A Twist In Time’.

The workshop started with us  meeting the whole cast of the show- we were really surprised to find that the actors were nothing like the characters they played in the show! They discussed different aspects of characterisation with us such as character costume, tone of voice as well as accents.

We then learned about how the different sets were made and how they were able to be changed so quickly. We were interested to see that the set was painted with a mixture of paint and glue so that the canvas material would harden and so the detail would last for longer.

Our favourite part of the workshop was the special effects and technical masterclass. We first of all were shown how the actors created a fire effect during the show with pyrotechnics and then we were allowed to meet ‘R2D2’, the M&M productions sound and light machine. Some pupils in the class were naturals at mixing the lights to create different effects!

We had a fantastic afternoon and can’t wait until the next show!

P6 Class Elections!

Primary 6 have been working extremely hard over the last few weeks organising their very own class election. The class were split into 4 political parties which they named; The Funky Bunch Party, The Funky Monkey Party, The Scottish Game Party & The Scottish Camper Party. Leaders were voted in and each group decided on a school issue that they wanted to campaign for. They then worked tirelessly together to create a manifesto, a party election broadcast advert and an election speech.The parties campaigned in front of the Primary 5 and Primary 7 classes and then today we had our election!

Our super Polling Clerks welcomed the P5 and P7 classes into the class ‘Polling Station’, ticked their names off the Electoral Register and then handed them their ballot before showing them to the voting booth to cast their votes. Once all of the votes had been cast using the Proportional Representation system, our clerks carefully counted the ballots to reveal that The Funky Bunch Party were the winners!!! They were campaigning to introduce a Healthy Tuck-Shop to the school which was obviously a very popular idea with the upper school!
Well done Primary 6 for all of your hard work this term!!!

Primary 6 Visit to The Scottish Parliament

Last week, Primary 6 enjoyed a fantastic trip to The Scottish Parliament as part of our social studies topic. We began our trip by meeting Laura, an Education Officer who had organised lots of fun games where we could demonstrate our knowledge of Devolved and Reserved matters. We were then taken on a tour of the Parliament which included being allowed into the Debating Chamber to see where all of the parliamentary business takes place. Unfortunately we were not able to meet the First Minister like the last Primary 6 class however our trip ended with a question and answer session with former Justice Secretary; Kenny MacAskill! A thoroughly enjoyable morning out!

Making Materials Change in P6


In Primary 6, we have also been working extremely hard on our new Science topic; ‘Making Materials Change’. This has been a very practical based topic so far where we have been participating in active investigations and experiments. We began this topic by learning to categorise different materials and more recently, we have carried out investigations to discover whether different mixtures of substances are soluble or insoluble. We were particularly fascinated to discover what happened when we tried to mix oil and water together!



This term in music, Primary 6 are being opened up to the world of classical music! So far, we have studied famous pieces of music and composers as chosen by the BBC, such as Beethhoven, Handel and Mozart. We have been surprised by how many of these pieces of music we have actually heard before. In particular, we love the fact that ‘Zadok The Priest’ by Handel has been used as the Champion’s League theme tune! We have been inspired by these pieces of music and so in class we have been composing our own motif’s and pieces of incidental music as well as creating our own graphic scores.

Here we are in action…IMG_2394IMG_2393IMG_2392