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World Book Day Bookshop Visit

P5, P6 and P7 pupils visited the Edinburgh Bookshop today to see the FANTASTIC World Book Day display they had created. We created ‘Book Monsters’ which were reading hand drawn copies of our favourite books.

Marie was kind enough to talk to us about her love of reading and to share an extract from Spellchasers: The Beginner’s Guide to Curses. We exchanged our World Book Day tokens for an exciting new book and received some expert advice on choosing our next read. Thank you to Marie & Kate for making us feel so welcome.

A huge well done to all the pupils involved in creating the window display. You did a tremendous job!

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Author Visit!


In St. Catherine’s we love books and authors! We are delighted to announce that Primary 4 -Primary 7 will be receiving a visit from the award winning author Mark Smith in October. Yay!

Pop Quiz!

Q: What do the following pictures have in common?

A: Well they are all connected to Mark’s brilliant new book titled ‘Slug Boy Saves the World’. Read on for more information:

Thanks to an unfortunately tasty-looking radioactive garden slug, eleven-year-old Murdo McLeod is now the world’s worst superhero. His two powers are pretty unique: the first is sliding up walls. Quite slowly. The second is secreting slippery slime from his skin. (Yes, just as disgusting as it sounds.) 
Now, Slugboy has to use his not-so-super and oh-so-gross abilities to save the world. Let’s hope he doesn’t slip up.

Sounds interesting doesn’t it? More details about Slug Boy and Mark’s visit to follow.



P4 Valentine’s Mosaics

During Art, Primary 4 produced some Symmetrical heart mosaics for Valentine’s day. We found out that the floors and walls of Roman buildings were often decorated with mosaics – tiny coloured stones (tesserae). Many mosaics showed scenes of history and everyday Roman life.  Rich Romans decorated the floors of their main rooms with elaborate and detailed mosaics to show off their wealth and importance.

We used coloured card, felt and metallic paper to create our wonderful designs and worked carefully to ensure that our designs were symmetrical on both sides. We hope you enjoy the results!

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World Book Day is Coming!

Brace yourselves. On Thursday the 2nd of March, St. Catherine’s will be celebrating World Book Day in a very BIG way! There will be a whole day of ‘Bookish’ fun, games, activities and competitions. Keep your eyes peeled for information posters around the school and a special information letter coming home this week.


If you would like to find out more about World Book Day please have a look at this excellent site!

P4 V’s Roman – Showdown

Primary 4 had an unexpected visitor from a Roman soldier. Fortunately he was a Roman reinactor from the Antonine Guard called Joe and he came in peace!

Firstly Joe showed us some images of other Roman reinactors dressed as Roman soldiers and explained their duties. We even had a mini quiz to test our Roman knowledge.

After that some of the children fought with Joe and pretended to be Barbarians. The aim of the game was to tap Joe with our wooden sword whilst keeping our shields up to protect ourselves. The scutum (Latin name for shield) was curved and very big so it was almost impossible to tap Joe. Kacper though, managed to strike him on the foot!

Afterwards we got to look at and wear some of the Roman artefacts. These included an oil lamp, a water bottle, a strigil, chain mail armour, an arm protector and sandals. There were two pairs of sandals. One pair was open toed and the other pair was enclosed. I particularly enjoyed rubbing my arm with the strigil because it felt nice and smooth.

Finally we went to the gym where we practised some battle formations. My favourite formation was the turtle. As we marched we shouted ‘Sin dec, sin dec’ just like the Romans so we could march in time.

Before Joe left he gave us all certificates to say that we had passed our Roman army training. The certificates also told us our Roman names. I hope you enjoyed our blog.

Blog Post by : Alice as part of Big Writing.

Find out more about the Antonine Guard

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Scottish Book Trust – Author Event   – Book Information

On Wednesday 27th April we were lucky enough to have a visit from M. G. Leonard, author of the fantastic new book Beetle Boy. Maya talked us through her love of beetles and entertained us with her incredible beetle facts and anecdotes.

Maya also read us entertaining extracts from Beetle Boy and answered all of the pupils’ fantastic and thoughtful questions. We were also pleased to hear that Beetle Boy will be part of a trilogy, so there will be plenty more great reading material on its way.

Please see below for some of the amazing junk model beetles created by P5, P6 and P7 as part of the ‘Beetle Boy Homework Challenge’. As you can see a huge amount of effort and care has gone into these models so a massive WELL DONE to all involved! – Tweet from the author!


P4 Reading for Enjoyment Event

Thank you so much to everyone who came along to the Primary 4 Reading for Enjoyment Event and helped to make it a success. The pupils were delighted to be able to share their favourite books with you and to work on some joint reading activities. Great to see some younger siblings enjoying story time with their older brothers and sisters too!