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Nursery News – May

May has been a busy month in the nursery – so far! We have set up our mud kitchen and the children have been doing lots of enthusiastic mixing in the sunshine.

We have also thoroughly enjoyed watching our eggs hatch into chicks as part of a joint project with P3. Today we also had hens in the nursery. 

Our caterpillars have built cocoons and we are waiting for them to hatch into butterflies any day now!

Nursery News.

On World Book Day the nursery children celebrated Dr Seuss’ birthday. Everybody wore a funny hat like The Cat In The Hat. We had birthday cakes, which the children had made and parents and carers came into nursery to talk about reading.

New Year Nursery News.

We have recently been developing a “mud kitchen ” in the nursery garden. We are thrilled with the fantastic fitted kitchen which several of our Dads have helped us with and now we can’t wait to get mixing! Special thanks to Mr Hanley.

We will also be resuming our Bedtime Stories program and look forward to hearing which books the children are enjoying at home with their families.

Here are some new photos of nursery activities – we have some budding artists in the nursery!

Nursery News

Nursery Website Update – November 2016


The morning children continue to enjoy their weekly dance sessions with Dani in the hall. They have lots of fun moving to different types of music and they are also learning to clap along to different rhythms.


The afternoon children have begun to visit the Mansion House garden on Thursday afternoons. This provides an opportunity to play in a natural environment and to learn about nature. Last week the children were rolling down the hill, balancing on fallen tree trunks and collecting leaves. Back in nursery we are making a book about what we see and do in the garden and this supports the teaching of literacy. The children have also made a pretty collage which can be seen in the school corridor.


Nursery News!

We had great success with our Painted Lady butterflies! All five caterpillars hatched successfully into beautiful orange and black butterflies which we were able to release into the garden. Some of the children were thrilled when the butterflies rested on their hands before flying away, giving us all an opportunity to have a really good look at them.

The morning children also enjoyed a trip to the library to meet our friend Hana the librarian. Hana often comes to the nursery with new picture books but on this occasion we went to see her and she read us a Maisie story. On the way back from the library we stopped at the recycling bins to get rid of our milk cartons properly. We used 15 cartons of milk in one week !

Nursery News

We have been watching our Painted Lady caterpillars grow. Just a few days ago they were tiny eggs. The caterpillars have grown very quickly and now they are making cocoons. We will carefully put them into a tank with sugar syrup and orange slices and hopefully they will turn into beautiful butterflies.

We have also launched our Bedtime Stories programme with the morning children. We have lots of beautiful new picture books which can be borrowed each day. Bedtime is a really special time for parents to share a book with a child. It’s a chance for some quiet time together and will help the child develop the skills they need to be able to read independently.

nursery caterpillars IMG_0585


Nursery: Weather!

Over the last few weeks we have been learning about the weather through first hand experience! When it was frosty we played with ice in the water tray and we noticed that the grass was hard and crisp in the garden. Then it snowed and we made tracks and looked at footprints. Then the weather became warmer and we played outside with streamers. We looked at paintings by famous artists about the weather and painted our own pictures. We learnt some weather songs and poems for our assembly and we have recorded our learning in our big “Nursery Talking Book”. Now we are waiting for some warm sunshine!