We are an Eco-School! 

3rd Green Flag Award


Eco-Schools LogoThis was a great achievement for our eco committee and for everyone throughout the school. We have been working hard to ensure that our school is helping to look after the environment.

The Eco committee includes pupils from Primary 3 through to Primary 7 and each member has a specific responsibility in the committee. These responsibilities range from chairperson to communicators.

Over the last few years the Eco Committee has made a lot of decisions to help the school become more environmentally friendly.

We recycle our milk cartons and paper throughout the school and now recycle our fruit waste into our compost bin in the playground.
Every year
we have an Eco Week where we take part in lots of different eco activities. In the past we have joined in the Keep Scotland Beautiful campaign and we’ve taken part in litter-picking in our local area and school grounds. We’ve constructed bird feeders to hang in the playground using recycled milk cartons. We’ve planted vegetables in our vegetable patch and we’ve also changed the look of our playground by painting a mural for our climbing wall.

All of these different activities helped us to keep our green flag so well done everyone!

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