How to use Learning Journals for Home Learning

  1. Weekly Home Learning Tasks- Story

The week’s learning tasks will be posted by Monday at 12pm as a story.

For P3-P7 there will usually be 3 posts: Literacy; Maths and class learning. P1-2 may have all the information in one post. However, for all classes there may be more if your child has additional teachers.

If you have any questions or your child is having problems, please post in the comments section underneath the Home Learning Task by 2pm and the teacher will get back to you by the next morning.

2. Posting assessment answers- Moments from Home

After your child has completed assessment questions in Literacy and Maths (usually issued on a Thursday) it would be great if their answers could be shared on the Moments from Home section of the Learning Journals. Answers can be captured in a variety of ways, for example: a photo of what pupils have written; adults writing what the child said etc.