School Staff

Here is a list of all of the Staff at St. Catherine’s Primary School.

Headteacher                                  Mr. P. Hunter

Depute Head Teacher                 Ms. C. Murphy

Principal Teacher/
Support for Learning                 Mrs. S. Wright

Business Manager                       Mr. A. Reynolds

Our Class Teachers

Primary 1

Primary 2

Primary 3

Primary 4

Primary 5

Primary 6

Primary 7

Mrs. F. O’Farrell

Mrs. R. Drummond

Mrs. K. Horberry

Miss G. Alonzi

Miss C. Lucas

Miss E. Liddle

Mr S. Ward

Mrs. J. Moodley

Mrs. G. Pelosi-Hernandez

Mr. T. Moreton

Ms. M. McGregor

Nursery Nurse                             Miss. J. Innes

Early Years Practitioner            Mrs. D. Cunningham

Sr Early Years Intervention Officer Mrs. J. Taylor

Early Years Assistant Mr. G. Deacon-Marshall

P.E. Specialist Teacher               Mrs. D. Millar

Our Support Staff

Mrs. L. Brock

Mrs. S. Christie

Mrs. C. Hill             

Miss. K. Robertson

Mrs. C. McPherson                                                                                     

Mrs. M. O’Donnell

Mrs. D. Krzewinska

Place 2 Be School Manager       Mrs. Lisa Robertson

School Administrator                 Mrs. A. Robertson

Service Support Officer             Miss G. Clark