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Primary 6 Solar System

Primary 6 have loved learning about the Solar System this term.  We have researched the planets that make up our Solar System and after finding out many are named after Roman Gods we had the chance to share our findings in the form of a presentation to the Primary 4 class who have been learning about the Romans.  We learned a Mnemonic to help us remember the planets in the correct order and had fun making up ones of our own.  One of our favourites is My Very Excited Mother Just Served Us Nachos which reminds us the planets are Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune.   After researching the planets we made papier-mâché models of the planets to show their size and distance from the Sun.

Working out Percentages

Last week in Mrs Northcott’s Maths set, the Purple group were working on working out percentages of a quantity.

We used money to help us understand.

First, we used our dividing skills to calculate the percentage of a quantity.

Then we took it a step further- we asked ourselves “How much does it cost now?”

We used take away sums to find the answer.

We decided to put this into a real life context by making adverts for an imaginary shop. These imaginary shops were all having sales! We incorporated our ICT skills to display our learning.

Take a look at some of our really great adverts! Do you think they are offering good deals?

Peace Walk 

As part of the International Day of Peace on Wednesday 21st September Primary 6 took part in a Peace walk in Edinburgh City Centre. Along with 20 other schools from Edinburgh we walked from Lauriston Hall to the Scottish Parliament. There were over 300 pupils who took part in the walk. The walk was about 2 miles long and we were pretty shattered by the time we reached our destination! We took with us Peace Sticks that we had decorated to demonstrate that we are stronger together. At the Parliament we were met by representatives where we shared our Global Vision for Peace around the World and sang our Peace song which had been created by young people from our link school in Tanzania.    


P6 visit The Victorian Schoolroom

Primary 6 had a fantastic visit to the Victorian Schoolroom this week to find out all about education during the Victorian era. We experienced what it was like to be taught ‘the 3 Rs’ (reading, writing and arithmetic) as well as discovering some of the behaviour management techniques that were used to make sure that children were ‘seen and not heard’. 

After that, we went to the museum area to see what daily life was like around 1900. We learned about eating and drinking, keeping warm and keeping clean in Victorian times. Life certainly seems a lot easier for us nowadays!