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Farm to Fork

With thanks to the RHET (Royal Horicultural Education Trust) P3 had a busy day yesterday visiting Templehall Farm in Pencaitland where Farmer Barclay taught us all about the animals and crops on his farm. We were learning about the care, hard work and technologies that go into growing our food in Scotland.

Weighing and measuring is very important in farming. In one of the photos you will see us standing on the weighbridge. The weight of the entire group was 1140kg!

Following the farm we were off on a tour of Tesco at Hardengreen, Dalkeith with Claire who showed us what goes on behind the scenes (including a visit inside a huge freezer) to get our food from the farm and onto the supermarket shelves.



P5 Rainforest Adventure

Last week Primary Five enjoyed a visit to Our Dynamic Earth to attend a Rainforest workshop. In the rainforest we studied which plants and animals were found in each layer. We experienced a heavy rainstorm and saw the impact of the rain on the environment.
In our workshop we looked in more detail at the orang-utan, an endangered species that is dependent on the rainforest habitat in the Asian rainforest which is under threat through deforestation. We debated many issues including zoos, pets, hunting, farming, transport and the use of products grown in the region. It was interesting to look at these important issues from different points of view and to explore possible solutions to safeguard a future for this beautiful animal.

Here are some photos from our trip.



P6 visit The Victorian Schoolroom

Primary 6 had a fantastic visit to the Victorian Schoolroom this week to find out all about education during the Victorian era. We experienced what it was like to be taught ‘the 3 Rs’ (reading, writing and arithmetic) as well as discovering some of the behaviour management techniques that were used to make sure that children were ‘seen and not heard’. 

After that, we went to the museum area to see what daily life was like around 1900. We learned about eating and drinking, keeping warm and keeping clean in Victorian times. Life certainly seems a lot easier for us nowadays!