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P7 Anderson Shelters Project!

The Primary 7s have been working for the last 6 weeks on a homework project… and the results are fantastic!

They were asked to build a model of an Anderson Shelter out of any materials they wanted! There are so many creative ideas with recycled materials, it goes to show what you can create if you look at an item in a new way.

We also got a chance to talk about our Anderson Shelters in class, then did a couple of rotations where we could look around at other people’s work and also present our own.

We are planning on showing off our work at our P7 Parent and Carer Learning Showcase on Wednesday, 6th December at 14:30 in the P7 classroom.

Well done P7!

P7 WW2 Propaganda Posters

This term, Primary 7 is learning about WW2. One of the many things we are exploring in this topic is how propaganda was used to influence citizens and encourage rationing, evacuation and enlisting.

P7 pupils studied a variety of posters and discussed what features of persuasion were effectively used in the WW2-era ads. Pupils then designed their own posters, some even taking the challenge of including a modern device to enhance persuasion. For example, one pupil used a modern footballer doing tricks with cabbage to encourage growing your own food, while another used a catchy hashtag as part of her slogan.

Have a look at a few of the finished posters. More will be on display outside the P7 classroom in the coming weeks.