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Class of the Term

Today we had our class of the term treat.  We came to school dressed in our pyjamas and watched Trolls with popcorn.  Last term we managed to win class of the term by getting high class of the week scores to win trophies for our door. We need to follow the Golden Rules and the class rules to stay on the sunshine to keep a high score! Hopefully we will be able to get our first trophy on our P2 door soon for term number 2!


Primary 2 had a great time on Wednesday at their Christmas party.  It was a well deserved treat after all their hard work as the choir and orchestra in ‘A Little Nativity’. We had lots of fun playing games in the classroom. We played musical, statues, musical bumps and also musical stand ups! There were many red faces after the games had finished! What a brilliant time we all had. 

Lauriston Castle

On Tuesday we visited Lauriston Castle.  We were invited by a friendly Dragon who needed our help.  Sir Nasty McKnight had cast a spell that made Dragon’s castle disappear and he had been hiding at Laurston Castle ever since.  We had to find clues to help make Dragon a new castle and a spell to stop Sir Nasty McKnight from casting any other spells!  Luckily we managed to do this and Dragon flew away to Fairyland.  Although we didn’t get to meet him, we did hear him snore because our guides, Mike and Erik, told us Dragon liked to sleep lots during the day. Once the spell was cast, Dragon zoomed through the sky, safely back to Fairyland.  Some children thought they spotted his black tail as he flew away! 


We have just started a new Science topic.  It is all about senses.  We went for a senses walk to see what we could see, hear, smell or feel.  We didn’t taste anything though! I wonder if you can guess what or who made the loudest noise outside?

We then did an experiment to try to drop a coin into a cup using only one eye.  We soon discovered that two eyes are definitely better than one but it also helped us think about people with visual impairments.
We are looking forward to more experiments to help us understand our Senses.

P2 News

Today we completed our Sumdog training with the Primary 7 class. They showed us how to login and some of the different features of Sumdog.

They have shown us how to change the way our character looks. Our characters are called avatars.

We have all had the opportunity to work on the iPads and the laptops.

Each child has been given their username and password to enjoy using at home.

Try Sumdog at home!

Sumdog Training 1.jpeg

Primary 2 Science

In science we have been investigating our 5 senses.  We have looked at each sense and imagined what it would be like to live without it.  We investigated the sense of taste and sight through experimenting with different fruits.  In pairs we took turns to be blindfolded and see if we could identify the fruit purely through tasting it.  Some of us found it quite tricky to tell which fruit it was but we found we could use our other senses to help for example the texture and smell of the fruit helped to give us clues.  


Primary 2 Castles

  This term in Primary 2 we are learning about Castles.  We worked in teams to create a castle and label different features such as the portcullis, drawbridge and battlements.  We have begun our technology project where we are making our own castles using different materials.  So far we have made our plan and have begun to change our cereal boxes into fantastic castles.  We are in the process of deciding how we are going to create a moat to go around our castles.  Keep watch for pictures of our finished creations!  We have also been discovering the way that castles are protected and had great fun making these super shiny Knights.   




Primary 2 News

This term in Primary 2 we are learning all about Castles.  We visited Edinburgh Castle on a very wet and windy day but we had lots of fun finding out facts about the castle.  We discovered that Edinburgh Castle is built on an extinct volcano and we learned about the way that the castle would be defended when under attack.   We all had a chance to dress up as the different people you would find in a castle.  We were able to try on different types of armour and were surprised by how heavy they were!  We are looking forward to transferring this knowledge into the classroom.