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Primary 1 News

Primary 1 have enjoyed being back after the Christmas holidays. We have been busy learning the story of Noah’s Ark and how the animals came in 2 by 2.

We were very excited this week as we read our first reading books. We had to make sure we listened when others were reading so we could answer the questions asked.

This week we received a letter from the foodbank telling us we had donated an amazing 70kg of food in December. We are very proud of our achievement and so are the rest of the school.


Primary 1 News

Primary 1 have settled into school very well. We are enjoying all the different activities in the classroom and taking part in whole school activities such as assembly and Hymn practice.

We love going into the ‘big’ playground on a Tuesday to take part in Loose Parts Play. So far we have built a castle, kitchen and had lots of fun with ramps.

In Literacy have worked very hard to learn all of our initial sounds and are now making words with them.

In Maths we have been practicing writing our numbers, learning all about domino patterns and ordering numbers. We have also been learning about pattern.

domino patterns

domino patterns

Primary 1 News


Primary 1 continue to work hard on their knowledge of phonics. We are moving on to some trickier consonant blends and vowel digraphs. Our Word – a – pillar is helping us practise writing our tricky words.

On a Monday we have our Wordboost story and on Tuesday we fine out what our boost words are. Throughout the week, we try to use them when we are talking and listen out for them when other people are talking.


We have been learning about time. We do the calendar every day and link the months to the seasons of the year. We have a days of the week song, a weather song and a months of the year song!

We have begun to learn about analogue and digital clocks. We can label the different parts of an analogue clock and will soon be learning to tell the time on both and analogue and digital clock.

We do number work every day! We are working on various different things at the moment. Some of the things we are learning about at the moment are addition (screened and unscreened), finger patterns, double facts, double facts plus 1, equal shares, equal sets and number in sequence.


In Science, we are learning about Materials. We have been thinking about what materials are good for using for particular things. We will be investigating different materials for building with like The Three Little Pigs!

Primary One News

Primary One will be creating a ‘May Garden’ as part of our R.E. topic this term.  We would be grateful for any donations for craft activities.  This includes: sea shells, corks, pebbles, cotton wool balls and  cotton buds.

P1 Science Topic – Materials

P1 have been investigating the properties of different materials by building houses for the three little pigs. Look at the houses that they built! The pupils agreed that bricks were the best material to build the house with. They were strong and flat. The straw was too spikey and thin and the sticks didn’t stick together very well.   



P1 News

Literacy – P1 have been learning to build words with bl, cl and pl blends.

Maths – P1 have been learning to tell the time.  The children can read o’clock times on analogue clocks and digital clocks.  The children have been spotting digital clocks all around them!

Social Studies – The new topic in P1 is ‘People Who Help Us’.  The children will be learning more about the jobs that adults do in the school and the community.  The children will also be discussing and thinking about families and how they are the same and how they are different.