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New Year Nursery News.

We have recently been developing a “mud kitchen ” in the nursery garden. We are thrilled with the fantastic fitted kitchen which several of our Dads have helped us with and now we can’t wait to get mixing! Special thanks to Mr Hanley.

We will also be resuming our Bedtime Stories program and look forward to hearing which books the children are enjoying at home with their families.

Here are some new photos of nursery activities – we have some budding artists in the nursery!

Nursery: Weather!

Over the last few weeks we have been learning about the weather through first hand experience! When it was frosty we played with ice in the water tray and we noticed that the grass was hard and crisp in the garden. Then it snowed and we made tracks and looked at footprints. Then the weather became warmer and we played outside with streamers. We looked at paintings by famous artists about the weather and painted our own pictures. We learnt some weather songs and poems for our assembly and we have recorded our learning in our big “Nursery Talking Book”. Now we are waiting for some warm sunshine!